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Bakers Dozen Regis TAP

September 23

We are planning eight
Autotests in 2023

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Enter for £15.00

We have Autotests at our Sidlesham site monthly
during the summer






Membership only costs £25.00 a year


Gets you involved for a whole year, you can enter events for as little as £8.00. And drive your own car on our 12 Car Navigation Rally or one of our Autotests for £15.00

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Founded in 1950


 BRMC Ltd is a small but active motor club based in the heart of West Sussex. The club was founded back in 1950 by a small group of enthusiasts, with the aim of promoting various forms of motor sport.


Drawing its membership from all over West Sussex and beyond, the club welcomes anybody with an interest in motoring and/or motor sport at all levels.



This website will hopefully give you some information about us, what we do and how you can join in the fun!


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BRMC Ltd. is registered with the Motorsport UK and is a member of "The Association of Central Southern Motor Clubs" (ACSMC). As part of its membership of these bodies, the club organises various events throughout the year in many areas of motor sport. Principal events each year include: a sprint held at Goodwood Motor Circuit and an Historic Road Rally held around the lanes of West Sussex.


Club members are active in all branches of motor sport, including Autotest, Speed (sprint and hillclimb), Race and Rally disciplines. Advice is always available for novice competitors. The club also makes use of its experience by organising '12 Car Navigational Exercises' throughout the winter months, allowing novices to hone their skills before venturing onto larger events.


During the summer, the club is fortunate in having access to land, which permits us to run non-damaging grass Autotests. Both the 12 cars and the Autotests are low budget events, allowing members to compete in a friendly and helpful environment. We also encourage youngsters to compete, by having the Autotests on private land, enabling anyone over the age of sixteen to learn the required skills in a safe environment.


Marshals always needed

Motor sport in general relies on a keen and enthusiastic band of volunteers. Without organisers and marshals we would have no events to compete on. The club prides itself on the willingness of members to support both its own events and other clubs events. Club members regularly turn out to marshal on a host of events, including the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Rallye Sunseeker (run around Ringwood) and Wales Rally GB. Some members are keen enough to marshal abroad on such events as the Monte Classic etc.

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Social events all year round

BRMC Ltd's activities are not totally geared toward motor sport. Through the year a varied calendar of events are arranged. These vary through Skittles, Dinner Dances, Christmas Parties, Treasure Hunts, Orienteering and Scatters.

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12 car rallies

Our 12-car rallies are run to Navigational Rally rules, which are based on navigational skills rather than speed, and with usually a notable social element too.

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