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For anyone unfamiliar with the Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb, it is located in some stunning Worcestershire countryside. The spec of the track is as follows:


  Length of course: 1000 yards (914m)

  Minimum width: 12 feet (3.66m)

  Rise in height: 328 feet (100m)

  Average gradient: 1:9.14

  Steepest gradient: 1: 6.24

  Fastest time recorded: 22.58 seconds


The paddock at the bottom of the hill is like a smaller version of Goodwood with similar style garrages. As with all motorsport venues, the essential bacon butties, burgers, teas and coffees are dispensed from a small eatery (lot cheaper than Goodwood). No restrictions, walk around at your leisure, look at the cars and talk to the drivers.

 Going up from the start line, the track effectively follows a crack in the hillside. No run-off areas, get it wrong and things can get very messy!

  I am fortunate enough to have a close friend who is a member of the Midland Automobile Club who are the owners of the venue. It's a 170-mile drive each way but my wife and I make a weekend of it two or three times a year.

 Halfway up the hill is a strategically positioned enclosure, for members and their guests, which gives an excellent view of proceedings; a small bar that sells Shelsleys own real ale makes things even more pleasant.

 A weekend's sport will see many classes of car taking part, from road going to purpose-built speed hill climbers. On the weekend of 2/3 June, there were cars taking part in eight championships, with the main one being the MSA British Hill Climb Championship. It's pretty spectacular down on the start line but on the hill the fastest cars were going through the speed trap, opposite the member's enclosure, at close on 150 mph; definitely no room for error.

 On 12 August, it will be 113 years to the day since the first event was held at Shelsley Walsh in 1905 and there will be a special birthday meeting over that week end; think it might just be worth the trip.



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