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Grass Autotests

What is a
Grass Autotest ?

Autotest is a great starting point for those who want to get involved motorsport. At Bognor Regis Motor Club, we prefer grass Autotests as they are kinder to the vehicle and less hard on the tires and transmissions. 


The course is laid out with cones, and you have to drive around it against the clock. It requires control of the car on a slippery surface and remembering the route while handbrake turning around a cone. It's a fun and slow-paced sport that uses reverse deliberately

What's needed?

Exciting news! You're just a few steps away from participating in thrilling production car autotests! 


Whether you're a seasoned driver or a novice, there's something for everyone. With Autotest events, you can hit the road with a vehicle that has an engine capacity of no more than 1400cc, while production car autotests allow drivers as young as 14 to participate with a full RTA licensed passenger. 


The best part? Any roadworthy car is acceptable! All you need to get started is a club membership card and a Motorsport UK RS Clubman license. Get ready to experience the thrill of car control like never before!

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The Fun Starts

The most common problem when the surface is dry and therefore relatively grippy is pulling a tyre off the rim.


This is usually fixed by a visit to a garage with a decent high-pressure air-line.


Cars can get very dusty both inside and out when the conditions are dry, or very muddy when conditions are wet.

It is possible, if you totally ignore all the advice you have been given and drive like a total lunatic, to turn a car over, although this is extremely rare.


As with any form of motor sport, although they are rare, accidents can happen. You must be aware of the risks and accept them, if you are to compete.

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